Extended Warranty Information


Buying a car is the second biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, behind your house. It’s important to get extended warranty coverage in case of unforeseen repair costs. Cars are just machines, and machines don’t work forever. It’s inevitable that the longer you drive your car, the more likely it is that you’ll have to repair something. Ohio Auto Warehouse offers a variety service contract packages to help protect you from the high cost of mechanical repairs.

Did you know that the AVERAGE cost of repairing an transmission problem is $2,615? And if you have replace the engine, the average cost is $4,823. A small item like a power window motor still runs a costly average of $291.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to expensive repairs. When you’re discussing financing for your used car, don’t forget to protect your investment with an Service Contract today. To find out more about the specific used car warranty options for used cars in Canton, Ohio, call us today at 330-430-0000. Our experienced staff will walk you through your options and help you choose the warranty coverage that’s right for you.

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