The 4 Best Ethnic Restaurants in Canton

Like all world-class cities, Canton, Ohio, has its share of excellent restaurants. This is excellent news for people looking to go out on the town. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect dining establishment for your planned night out. Below you’ll find a guide to the best ethnic restaurants in the Canton area.

Jasmine Asian Bistro

If your tastes are imploring you to travel to the Far East, the Jasmine Asian Bistro is the destination for which you should set sail. With a Pan Asian style that includes dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, and Mongolia, Jasmine has a menu item for every member of your group. One of the house specialties is the seafood soup, which comes in a wooden boat for your enjoyment. Jasmine is open all week, with a two-hour break in the day during weekdays to switch from lunch to dinner.

Geisen Haus

Geisen Haus in Canton, OH - Ohio Auto Warehouse

Image via Flickr by Bruno Girin

If your idea of a night out includes good beer, a schnitzel, and some oompa music, the Geisen Haus may be your idea of a perfect night. The only authentic German pub in North Canton, it has been family-operated for over two decades. It features 75 craft and import beers, so whatever your preferred libation is, odds are that Geisen Haus has a bottle to suit. The food includes authentic German cuisine but also several American dishes and other staples so that the less adventurous can have something to snack on as well. It is open Monday through Saturday.

Basil Asian Bistro

Basil is an Asian fusion restaurant, with a menu that combines tastes from many other countries. Owned and managed by the Ly family, the bistro serves stir fry, pad Thai, and sushi with equal zest. The emphasis at Basil is definitely a bit on the fine end of dining, so plan your budget accordingly; that said, the varied menu has an offering for many different income levels as well as different tastes. The Canton location has been successful enough over the past few decades that the Ly family has opened a second location in Green, Ohio. Both are open Monday through Saturday.

Bombay Sitar

With its homemade curry powder and varied meat and vegetable dishes, Bombay Sitar offers the finest in Indian cuisine. The emphasis on fresh ingredients over prepackaged goods permeates the entire menu, with the dishes all spiced in a unique way to make the dining experience one of a kind. The vegetable samosas and poori bread are particularly recommended. Bombay Sitar is open seven days a week and has a daily lunch buffet that is a great deal for large groups looking to eat for a reasonable cost as well as those wishing to sample a wide variety of dishes. A good night out is almost wholly contingent on a good meal. Accordingly, picking your restaurant is of paramount importance. Take your time to look at the restaurants above, and find the best ones for your palate and the palates of your friends.