Should You Get a Second Car?

Deciding whether you should get a second car isn’t easy. Make sure to consider the pros and cons carefully before making your decision.

Pros of Getting a Second Car

Should You Get a Second Car? - Ohio Auto Warehouse

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Buying a second car can make life easier in many ways. If there’s more than one driver in the house, another car makes it much easier to balance schedules. It can eliminate potential arguments or hassles over sharing a car, allowing each person to comfortably handle his or her own transportation to work, school, or other activities. You’ll also eliminate the need to use public transportation. Another aspect to consider is that it’s convenient to have a second car in case one of your vehicles break down. You won’t need to deal with the hassle and expense of borrowing a car from someone or getting a rental vehicle. Instead, you can use your second car while your primary vehicle is being repaired. You can also help out a friend or family member by letting them borrow your car when or if their vehicle breaks down, too. Having two cars also increases the vehicles’ life span. If you’re a single driver, you can alternate vehicles and reduce the overall amount of wear and tear on each vehicle so that each one has a longer life span. If your household has more than one driver, owning two cars still saves on wear and tear because not all the mileage is going on one car. Having another car also allows you to keep your work and leisure needs separate. Many people enjoy having a classic car or any stylish car to use for weekend excursions, vacations, and going out for a night on the town.

Cons of Buying a Second Vehicle

Although there are many pros to owning a second vehicle, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. The cost is the biggest factor for most people. You’ll have to provide the up-front cost of a vehicle or deal with another monthly car payment for a number of years. Additional costs for car maintenance and repairs can also add up when you own a second vehicle. You’ll need to add another vehicle to your insurance policy, which will increase your insurance payments. Although it’s true that many insurance companies offer multi-car discounts, the cost will still be higher for two vehicles than for a single vehicle. Another factor is storage space. If you don’t have a two-car garage, you may need to park one vehicle outside, which will expose it to the elements. Even if you have a two-car garage, parking both cars inside it takes up extra space, leaving little room for work benches or storage. There are many factors consider when it comes to purchasing an additional vehicle, such as the number of drivers in your home, the public transportation options in your area, and your budget. While there are certainly advantages to owning a second car, you’ll also need to evaluate the cons to make the decision that’s right for you.