How Cars Incorporate Active Aerodynamics

The innovators within the automotive industry are constantly laboring to bring greater efficiency to the vehicles within their brands. Aerodynamic design is one way that innovators increase efficiency. The more aerodynamic the design of the car, the less that the car has to push against wind, thus increasing efficiency. As technology has advanced, so has aerodynamics, leading toward the future with the concept of active aerodynamics, which adjusts the aerodynamic of the car while in motion. Here’s how cars are testing new waters and incorporating active aerodynamics.


3 Best Convertibles for Canton Summers

Whether you’ve lived in Canton your entire life or you’ve just moved here recently, you probably know that the summers offer some of the best weather in the Midwest, with temperatures that are comfortable 24 hours a day. With that in mind, you should turn your attention to the most stylish way to enjoy the summer weather: a convertible. There’s nothing better than letting the wind blow through your hair with the radio cranked as you zip around downtown or head from the Pro Football Hall of Fame to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Here are just a few suggestions for the best convertible for the Canton summer.

2016 Buick Cascada

2016 Buick Cascada - Ohio Auto Warehouse in Canton

Image via Flickr by ilikewaffles11


Why Tire Pressure Matters

Have you checked your tire pressure lately? If you haven’t, here are some reasons why tire pressure matters and why you should consider checking your tires’ psi sometime soon.

It Can Cause a Car Crash

Why Tire Pressure Matters - Ohio Auto Warehouse

Image via Flickr by tsuda

Imagine that you’re driving down the far left lane of a four-lane freeway going 70 miles an hour. Suddenly, there’s a pop and your car starts to swerve. You try to get your car under control, while your heart speeds up and your eyes dart in every direction to see if there are any other vehicles near you. (more…)

5 Unique Attractions in Ohio

Akron Zoo - Ohio Auto Warehouse

Image via Flickr by Dave Stokes

Whether you live in the Buckeye State or you’re passing through Ohio, you’ll find many must-see sites in the area from the historic and adventurous to the downright unusual. Discover the following five unique attractions in Ohio.

The Akron Zoo

Every year, more than a million people visit the Akron Zoo to view over 700 animals, covering more than (more…)

The 4 Least-Expensive Hybrid Cars

Affordable Hybrid Cars - Ohio Auto Warehouse

Image via Flickr by engineerd

If you’re looking to step into the 21st century, buying a hybrid car is an honorable, classy way to get the job done. However, many consumers cite a growing concern that hybrids are much too pricey, especially in comparison to their gasoline-powered siblings. While this may have been true at the onset of hybrid production, automakers are now getting the message. Several hybrids provide affordable options in the alternative fuel market that provide exemplary efficiency, while also making you feel like you’re saving the planet. Before you buy, check out a few of these economical choices.

Toyota Prius c

Starting at a paltry sum of $19,560, the 2016 Prius c (more…)

It’s Time for Summer Sports and More in Canton

Baseball in Canton - Ohio Auto Warehouse

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The flowers are blooming, and bunnies are bouncing. Are you ready to leap into summer, too? Canton Parks and Recreation is prepared with fun and education for young and old. You’ll find a wide range of sports and recreation choices on the field, in the pool, and around Canton, Ohio, at a variety of unique venues. You can participate or even find ways to facilitate the summer adventures. For more details on any of the following events, (more…)

Automatic Braking Will One Day Be Standard

Automatic braking - Ohio Auto Warehouse

Image via Flickr by Michael R Perry

Automakers traditionally focused on protecting the driver and passengers in the event of an accident, but safety priorities are shifting. Now, major car companies are putting more emphasis on preventive measures that may reduce the number of accidents in the first place. Automatic brakes are an important part of this shift. This technology has the potential to change the way drivers experience the road, and it’s quickly becoming standard in today’s new vehicles.

What is Automatic Braking?

Automatic braking systems use radar (more…)

Love the Arts in Canton

Classic Car Museum - Ohio Auto Warehouse

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Although Canton, Ohio, may not have the same allure as some of the bigger cities in the state, it still has plenty of things to do. Considering it’s a city of only 72,000, this is a monumental feat, especially from an arts perspective. Nevertheless, if you’re in Canton and want to get a healthy dose of the arts, don’t miss these great museums and galleries.

Canton Classic Car Museum

Perhaps there’s nothing more beautiful than a classic car. After all, they don’t make them like they used to. Since 1978, the Canton Classic Car (more…)

5 Most Fuel-Efficient 2016 Cars

Ohio Auto Warehouse BMW i3

Image via Flickr by Carleasingmadesimpletm

Fuel efficiency is a great feature. After all, you want your vehicle to do what you want to do or carry what you need. Discover five of the most fuel-efficient 2016 cars, based on information from

1. Best Overall – BMW i3 – 124 mpg Combined

The BMW i3 is the quickest member of its family with a 2.7-second, 0-30(seconds) pickup. With 170 horsepower, 184 pound-feet of torque, and a 2,635-pound curb weight, this vehicle is not one to cut corners. The body is mostly carbon fiber (more…)

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