How to Protect Your Car’s Paint in the Winter

Winter months are harsh — and not only for us humans. Our vehicles also need special care and extra protection this time of the year. The cold weather, paired with the rain and the snow, can cause some serious damage to your car, so don’t wait too long. Take all the precautionary measures before the season hits its stride. Winters can damage your car’s paint, for example, but there are a few things you can do to avoid it. Follow these tricks to keep your car’s paint protected throughout this time.

Wax Your Car

Protecting Your Car in Winter - Ohio Auto Warehouse

Image via Flickr by DWilliams851

The bad winter weather can make your car’s paint dull and prone to oxidation. Waxing your car before the winter season begins is essential to keep the paint healthy.  Think of it like gloves for your vehicle. Treating the entire car with a polymer wax is easy enough. The wax will protect your car from road salt, snow, and bad weather. While using the product, make sure you focus on the lower parts of your car, as these are the areas where the salt and the ice could stick longer and cause the most damage.

Time for a Good Rinse

Washing your car can be a tough job during winter, but this is a necessary step to protect the paint. Opt for a pressure wash, which will help get rid of all the grit and keep your car shining throughout the season. Remember to focus on the lower parts of the car.

Don’t Damage Your Car With Brushes

Another small but important thing to keep in mind is that you should always use a brush with soft bristles (or a foam brush) when removing the snow from the car doors and the windshield. Brushes made of plastic or other hard materials are used often to scrape off the snow, but they can scratch and cause serious damage to the exterior and the paint of your car.

An Extra Step for Your Peace of Mind

At this point, you can apply some more spray wax to your car. Alternately, you can opt for a gloss paint sealant that will protect the car for up to five months and give it a glamorous and attractive high-gloss finish. The product is easy to use, and you can apply it directly at home. This is not a mandatory step, but if you just bought a new car or you simply want to be as careful as you can, this extra process will ensure your car won’t suffer from the winter weather.

When Winter Is Over…

When winter is finally over, make sure you do a thorough spring cleaning session of your car. This includes washing the vehicle, cleaning the stuck ice and salt residue with a clay bar, and applying a compound and wax one more time to make the paint last longer throughout the year ahead. Take care of your car with these simple steps, and your car’s paint will be protected until spring comes.