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4 Best Cars For Outdoorsmen in Canton

Not just any car will do for the outdoor enthusiast. In Canton, Ohio, an off-roading vehicle must not only be equipped to handle dry, rocky terrain but also thick snow patches. The following vehicles provide the stability and traction control required by an adventurist and also double as work or family vehicles. With the purchase… Read more »

How to Protect Your Car’s Paint in the Winter

Winter months are harsh — and not only for us humans. Our vehicles also need special care and extra protection this time of the year. The cold weather, paired with the rain and the snow, can cause some serious damage to your car, so don’t wait too long. Take all the precautionary measures before the season… Read more »

4 Tips for Your First Track Day

Your first track day is a heady experience. Finally, you can push the limits of your vehicle without the pesky interference of police or pedestrians. Driving a circuit track is wildly different from any other type of driving. While you can sign up for this experience fairly easily, there are some important things you should… Read more »

Embrace the Chill in Canton This Winter

The mercury may be dropping, but that’s no reason to start hibernating. Canton, Ohio will host a number of exciting events this winter designed to lure you outdoors. So embrace the chill this season and don’t miss a moment of the action! Canton First Friday: Fun Year-Round Party

The 5 Greatest Inventions in Car Tech

The past two and a half decades have seen impressive innovations in automotive technology. From keeping drivers and passengers safer to providing more power and better fuel economy to engine design, automakers have been pushing the envelope to create a fleet of modern vehicles with creative and astounding technology. Every piece of tech on the… Read more »

What You’ll Find at the Canton Classic Car Muesum

Right in the heart of Canton, Ohio, you can find the Canton Classic Car Museum, which maintains a collection of over 40 vehicles dating from the birth of the automobile to the muscle car era of the 1970s. The museum isn’t just cars, either. Here are just a few of the things you can expect… Read more »

Should You Get a Second Car?

Deciding whether you should get a second car isn’t easy. Make sure to consider the pros and cons carefully before making your decision. Pros of Getting a Second Car

4 Great Hatchbacks for Camping in Canton

Hatchbacks are making a comeback, with more people than ever before discovering the joys of roomy cargo areas. One thing hatchbacks excel at is camping, because they are so good at hauling all the necessary gear. If you’re camping in the Canton, Ohio, area, here are some of the best models to consider. Audi Q3… Read more »

How to Get Your Car Prepped for a Road Trip

If you’re going to drive a few hundred miles for the winter holidays, or if you have any other road trips on your calendar, you may feel up to your elbows in preparations. Perhaps the last thing you want to think about is another to-do list. Nonetheless, assuming you aren’t eager for any experiences that… Read more »

The 4 Best Ethnic Restaurants in Canton

Like all world-class cities, Canton, Ohio, has its share of excellent restaurants. This is excellent news for people looking to go out on the town. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect dining establishment for your planned night out. Below you’ll find a guide to the best ethnic restaurants in the Canton… Read more »