Month: August 2016

How to Get Your Car Prepped for a Road Trip

If you’re going to drive a few hundred miles for the winter holidays, or if you have any other road trips on your calendar, you may feel up to your elbows in preparations. Perhaps the last thing you want to think about is another to-do list. Nonetheless, assuming you aren’t eager for any experiences that… Read more »

The 4 Best Ethnic Restaurants in Canton

Like all world-class cities, Canton, Ohio, has its share of excellent restaurants. This is excellent news for people looking to go out on the town. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect dining establishment for your planned night out. Below you’ll find a guide to the best ethnic restaurants in the Canton… Read more »

How Cars Incorporate Active Aerodynamics

The innovators within the automotive industry are constantly laboring to bring greater efficiency to the vehicles within their brands. Aerodynamic design is one way that innovators increase efficiency. The more aerodynamic the design of the car, the less that the car has to push against wind, thus increasing efficiency. As technology has advanced, so has… Read more »